Friday, February 17, 2012

larawan para kay birthday cake

now that is weird, kelan pa naging living thing ang birthday cake. 29 yrs...29 yrs na akong buhay sa mundo. i laughed, i cried, i fell, i rose up to the occasion. all the mishaps, the good, the bad and the ugly. what's more to come... i always tell myself 'smite me'

things that is so like me:

#Aquarius dislike a lot of things. Just ask them. They will happily tell you
#Aquarians will keep smiling, and nobody knows that deep inside, they feel very lonely
When #Aquarius make up their mind about ending a relationship it will be permanent, so be sure it's what you want
#Aquarians hate people who break promises
#Aquarians would rather make someone cry with the truth instead of making them smile with a lie
#Aquarians have a habit of dozing off and day dreaming
#Aquarians are flirty but picky so consider yourself lucky if they choose you
Behind an #Aquarius smile is everything people will never understand

for another life yet to fulfill. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

more travels! long life! disposable income! and more more to come!



Blogger rodelyn paat said...

C shao b ung bday cake? So ikaw c skye? Ang alam mo, single mom sha? Tsk. Magte 10yrs na kame. 2 ang anak namen. Di m b nkikita sa fb?o payag kang we empoi? Sawsawan ito? Cge kayo na lang. Baboy trbaho nyo. Tsk. Kaya mo? Yuukk! K0nting karakter naman.

2:15 AM  

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