Saturday, September 02, 2017

Too good to be true.

Whoa there, my dear fragile heart! You will need to calm down... get back to reason. You are a realist and that has kept you from moving forward. She is not real. She is just a figment of your imagination. Don't put too much value into it.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Kuyang gwapo

'Nuff said, he's the guy next to the girl...


"I feel like this song sounds like a spooky chase montage. Is that just me? Because I can totally picture a girl tripping through the dark green foliage of a forest as angry black storm clouds brew above her, spilling cold rain onto the roots, and grass and mossy branches that stretch towards her like bony fingers, clawing at her hair, knees and skirt."

It's 38 minutes past 1 o' clock in the morning. I should be asleep by now but my early morning musings had kept me awake as well as I just finished reading Maine's most recent blog entry. A year has passed when I became a fan of a local artista. No, I am not saying that I dislike them but I am just not a fan of our local showbiz probably because it's all rumors, showbiz trying to denigrate one another or simply put... for publicity. Good or bad it is still publicity. What is she really feeling right now? Does she even feel tired? Is she raring to get a few days off?
Anyway, I rarely watch now those mid afternoon variety shows but with the looks of it the segment still has a regular following.

Enough of that, it has been awhile since I posted something here.This is the only place where I could actually say my sentiments, what I feel and my thoughts as of the moment. I miss writing about nothing... My nothing is my something... it has value. It's been more than ten years since I created my blog. My own personal space; when most of the blog sites I know had capitalized their earning by adding a feature on their blog.

Will I keep this all to myself? or should I try to earn as well as I out into writing my unspoken thoughts. When some of my friends told to VLOG instead of doing it the old fashion way of writing. Everything's easier now, simpler... why complicate things? First of, I am not attractive so that's already a minus when you do VLOG's. Second, I was not given the gift of gab thus no one ( I think) will listen nor watch me talk about nothing of interest over the web. Lastly, I like the thought of writing. It gives you that feeling of anything you would like to put into writing. You can actually look like a goofball without anyone noticing it.

It's quarter to 3AM. It's late and would need some shut eyes. I have a long day ahead... eh... make that a long week ahead. C'mon Mr. Sandman, I need your fairy powder to lull me to sleep. ( I just placed this song on repeat...)

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Monday, February 15, 2016

The bad side of our loc(k)al Showbiz 😶

I left a comment at your blog a day ago. I guess, what I said was irrelevant or was too boring for you. Maybe, I should stop expecting and start realizing that you are now a celebrity. In my point of view, you are now what you have always dreamt of. You are the fast rising star that captivated the whole nation of your wit and charm. 

The chance of meeting personally has dwindled into zilch. But hey, it's OK.  I have accepted the fact that I will never meet you personally. Whether I am given the opportunity or not. I no longer believe in chances nor the fact that I am given an opportunity to meet you. Maybe I am just over - reacting. It is not your obligation to post all your reader's comment just because... Your BLOG is your personal space and you have every right to choose which comment should be on your entry. 

Oh wow, all of a sudden I feel like a ranting child whose whims were not noticed. 

In my opinion, I think I should stop writing about this unwanted feeling.I should stop writing about you or to over romanticize this thought. I WILL NEVER EVER BE RELEVANT TO YOU. NEVER! WE HAVE NOTHING IN COMMON. AND YES. I THINK I SHOULD STOP BEING A FAN TOO. 

These are my emotions speaking. I am frustrated and hurt. Oh, shit! I suddenly feel like I'm STAN from that Eminem song a few years back. 

Anyway, gotta go. 

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Reality Is...

I am writing again and no less it's Valentine's Day. No, I am not here to write about my love story or how painful it is to lose someone. Losing someone... wow, it does bring back some hurtful memories. (Geez, it has been ages... *face palm*) But that will be another story. This is one of those days where I would typically go out of town and spend the weekend on my own. But today I am doing it differently. I am staying home for no particular reason at all. ( oh wait, there's a reason why I'm staying home this weekend. XD) Anyway, here's to my 1 am thoughts...

We have been sold a vapid vision of "Love" for decades... Two loving hearts unite over a glance, have some critical climatic clash, reconcile through smiling tears, and vanish into the sunset. But that isn't love at all; love starts on the very next day after, when the socks are on the floor and the bills are due.

You mentioned finding someone who will comfort you in sickness and listens to your stories. You will never "Find Love" that way. Love starts when "You" listen to someone's stories, understood their happiness, sadness, fear and triumphs. LOVE is when it becomes unconditional. Love is both the protagonist and antagonist. Happiness and heartaches will always come hand in hand. The question is "how we would handle the pain, the fear and sorrow of Love?". I think we should always muster enough courage and faith to face every moment, day by day until death. In reality, finding that "someone" will never come with an awesome soundtrack or with a breath - taking background. It is never going to be like that... Nope... Never...

My blog is at the brink of being deleted... Haven't been active and finally... Here I am sharing my thoughts at an un-godly hour just like before... 

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Into Youtube lately...

I'm watching a few videos here and there while I try to collect myself of what I will write for my blog entry. gaaaaaah!!! nothing.... 

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Your Last Master Piece.

I may not have the chance to say my utmost THANK YOU on your most recent blog entry. I AM SAYING MY THANK YOU'S NOW!

I started reading your posts about M, about A and your insights on what will happen to the next episode of the Kalyeserye a few weeks ago. I had to read all of  them all the way to your July posts! ("Dios Mio - I had a lot of catching up to do" I said to myself) I have become a fan on how you beautifully wrote those entries and here I am blogging about you. I may not be as good as the others but I think I will fair enough with this post. 

I love the idea on how you would place metaphors in every posts and that goes as well with the comments that your readers has to say. Sometimes, I am dumbfounded with the idea that most of your readers are intellects... professionals from all walks of life. I am reminded of a Japanese film called Train Man who got known for his posts online however of course, that  is another story. Like you sir, we all fell in love with Ms. Maine Mendoza. We loved her for her simplicity... her authenticity and how we told her that she should never ever doubt herself again. This coming from your post on 10/11/2015. Way To Go, Meng!

And now that you have written your last entry about them. I would like to commend you... *slow clap* Hats Off to you sir! Commend you sir for everything you have done. I would like to say many thanks to your readers who never cease to write comments; who just like you would analyze the most recent episode of Kalyeserye and what could happen next. You like everybody else got  frustrated as to why A has not yet expressed his feelings, why M had to hold back too? We as fans had to protect Maine from the cruelty that is our local showbiz and uncertainty. I'm not sure if everybody noticed but on the first hug that A did while singing "God Gave Me You"... Our M was a little hesitant in hugging him back almost at the brink of crying. But come the second hug she no longer hesitated and hugged A back. Such a beautiful moment to witness. It is A assuring M that everything's going to be OK from this point out. 

I think you will all agree that It Is OK to hand our princess to A. Last Saturday's event is just the beginning for the  both of them. All we have to do now is sit back and enjoy the show. 

PS. I accidentally changed my blog template. I will need to have this fixed on a later date. ( jeez... it looks ugly!)

Credits to Ms. Gwendy Gayle and Rappler for this awesome pics. =) 

CTTO MS. Gwendy Gayle

CTTO MS. Gwendy Gayle

CTTO Rappler

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Finally Here Comes Maine Mendoza!

Yesterday October 24th 2015 became an eventful day for the AlDub nation since it was the day that Lola Nidora finally gave her Tamang Panahon to both Alden and YayaDub. Luckily, I was able to score 3 VIP tickets for my mother and best friend.

If you check my previous post, I already mentioned as to when I started to like Maine Mendoza? A quick recap. I saw her when she was doing her Kris A parodies using an app called DubSmash and the rest is history.

I am one of the million followers of Maine Mendoza. I am proud to say the least that I AM A FAN of Maine. She has this charm that would make you easily fall for her because she can make you cry, make you laugh and give you this emotions you've never felt before. While I'm blogging this;  I am still loss for words of what I felt inside the Philippine Arena when she was finally being introduced as herself and not her character "YayaDub". People from all walks of life have come to like her... From the Coños down to the ordinary Juan. I've come to love Maine for her truthfulness and simplicity. No, I haven't met her personally but she gives you that raw emotion that you rarely see on TV. She is a rare gem indeed and I am thankful for Eat Bulaga for discovering Maine's talent.  

Anyhow, I was so ecstatic the time Maine had to hang her apron. She was now being introduced as Maine Mendoza to everybody. I am happy for her that in a span of 5 months she is officially have had become a celebrity (her secret ultimate dream). I was crying while I was cheering her on with the voice over. It was more of a coming out party for her and true enough... it certainly did. I was literally shouting, jumping and tears of joy! I never experienced this before. Heck! Not even for a local celebrity! I am happy for being part of history that contributed tweets for the AlDub nation. I have never felt this kind of emotions to anyone before. I'm just happy that Maine was discovered and I wish her all the best with her new adventure.I am proud to be a fan! You are no longer our dear "Yaya" she has blossomed to be you - Maine Mendoza!!! 

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